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Inspection section

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Mission: the accreditation of inspection bodies and bodies carrying out the verification of regulated measuring instruments in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

The inspection bodies play a major role in terms of the safety of goods and persons. They operate in many areas of inspection: electrical installations, dangerous machinery, hoisting, welding, pressure vessels, agri-food, health, environment, technical construction inspection, tourism, currently covered by accreditation (cf. document INS INF 06) (in French).

The accreditation procedure consists in assessing the organisational and technical provisions put in place by the body to perform the inspections. In order to be able to assess the competence of the body, the accreditation procedure also provides for observation of the inspectors performing the inspections at the client site.

The field of Legal Metrology

In accordance with the application of regulation (EC) n°765/2008 of 9 July 2008 setting out the requirements for accreditation activities, the Legal Metrology field was transferred frolm the Laboratories section to the Inspection section. As of 1 January 2016, a scheme has been set up, to progressively transfer the accreditations in Legal Metrology already issued toward accreditations compliant with the 2012 version of ISO/CEI 17020 and to apply this standard to new requests. This transitional phase will last for 3 years.

Legal metrology is used to guarantee, when in service, accurate and safe measurements for certain measuring instruments used for predefined purposes (transactions and application of laws), by defining the requirements that the instruments must satisfy throughout their life cycle.
Inspections are carried out at several stages (design, production, in service) and require the intervention of designated bodies, notified or approved by the public authorities in accordance with criteria stipulated in the regulations.

Cofrac's Inspection section is responsible for the accreditation of notified bodies as well as primitive or periodic verification bodies for certain categories of measuring instrument (e.g.: static and dynamic measurement of liquids other than water, automatic and non-automatic weighing instruments, etc.).

The verification activities performed on regulated measuring instruments are mentioned in Cofrac’s document INS INF 06, domain 18 « Legal Metrology ».